Healix is ideally placed to provide independent and robust specialist 2nd Opinion to insurers, employers or individuals in the following circumstances:

  • Insurers managing claims related to health, whether on personal injury, ASU, critical illness, PMI, disability or other policies, frequently find that the facts of the case are open to interpretation. Healix provides them with access to a source of high-quality medical information with specific expertise not only in the medical or surgical discipline but also in associated insurance, legal and regulatory issues.
  • Employers and insurers are often asked to consider ill-health retirement claims, usually with major financial consequences. Healix helps ensure that correct, fair and justifiable decisions are made at the first time of asking.
  • Individuals faced with a dreadful disease diagnosis may want confirmation that the diagnosis and prognosis are correct, and to know whether anything further can be done to help them. Healix can provide the reassurance of a valued 2nd opinion.

We will collate all relevant medical information and arrange the appropriate review, either ‘medical file reviews’ or face-to-face with one or more of our consultants, either nationally in the UK or internationally as required. 

For more information, contact: enquiries@healix.com