Healix Health Services provides access to the whole of the UK Private Healthcare system through our comprehensive provider network, giving clients the benefit of our direct billing arrangements and discounted fees, with expert management of medical claims.

In the UK, Healix Health Services acts as a third-party medical claims administrator for domestic and international insurers as well as for approximately 20% of all UK self-insured Healthcare Trusts.  

As the only credible independent medical Third Party Administrator in the UK, we provide independent access and claims management on a third party basis. We have a large portfolio of clients who enjoy reduced hospital procurement costs and access to Chief Medical Officer and second opinion services.

Where detailed case management is required, our nurse case managers can provide a full micro management service, ensuring that the appropriate medical care pathway is taken, without any hospital restrictions or delays in authorisation.  We can also provide bespoke access to UK hospitals to make optimal use of our clients' procurement spend.

Access to Healix Provider Network

Clients have access to our comprehensive provider network, benefiting from our direct billing arrangements and discounted fees with private hospital groups, independent hospitals, NHS private patient units and scanning centres - making significant savings on treatment costs.

Claims Management - Optional Service

For further savings, with robust clinical case management, we offer an 'end to end' solution with Healix nurse case managers handling medical cases right through from taking the first call from a patient to settlement of the final invoice. 

With the highest ratio of medically qualified to administrative staff in the industry, we can ensure that all our staff managing claims are qualified nurses who act as named case managers, liaising with the patient and providing reassurance and advice throughout their treatment. They check that treatment is covered under the scheme rules, arrange and manage treatment and authorise bills for payment.

Whether an international insurer servicing medical claims in the UK, a multinational employer with expatriate workers needing treatment in the UK, or a government body looking to provide healthcare services not available in your home country, we can provide a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

For further information, contact enquiries@healix.com.