"Changing from a conventional PMI scheme to the Healix Healthcare Trust enables us to tailor the benefits offered to our staff to meet our own needs. However there is absolutely no compromise on medical care for our employees or their dependants, with access to a nurse led claims platform as a central component of the service. This new service gives our employees bespoke benefits and access lathe health care provisions that meet their needs. It will also improve the quality of delivery of the service, compared to the previous PMI provider, from case management to treatment provision. Plus, through 100% profit share. it gives our business the cost controls that are absolutely essential during the current difficult economic climate."
"Before our partnership with Healix, we were facing increasing private medical insurance premiums and needed a way to control future costs. Over the past year. the Healix Healthcare Trust delivered a further 10% reduction on our P11D rate, but it brings us more than just cost savings. Healix offers us the best level of service, focused on meeting our specific needs, while delivering some really important service benefits for our partners and employees."
"Central to the selection of Healix is their nurse-led case management. Members of the scheme needing treatment get to speak to a medical professional and not just an administrator. This unique arrangement gives our healthcare trust members the opportunity to speak to someone who understands the language or jargon being used which helps ensure they receive the most appropriate treatment for their needs. Combined with Healix's expertise in cost containment through their negotiated discounts with providers, this made them the obvious choice. Healix created a tailored healthcare scheme to suit our needs — bringing together five smaller schemes, as well as looking after retirees. An 'off the shelf' solution was never going to be right for us. The flexibility and medical expertise that is absolutely integral to the Healix operation has proved to be exactly right for our business. We now have a much higher level of control and flexibility with the Healix Healthcare Trust. They have been excellent in helping us to not only ensure we receive the best value, but they have also put together a scheme that works for us as a business."
"Healix made the whole process of setting up a healthcare trust quite painless. We're now able to provide the cover we want our employees to enjoy and have saved money too. Our employees feel well looked after and we know costs are being closely controlled. The nurse led team provide an exceptional level of managed care."
"Healix offers us the right level of claims management as well as delivering better management information and feedback to allow us to effectively control the costs we incur in providing this benefit to our employees. Healix provides nurses to take the initial claims calls from our staff, which means that there's a deep medical understanding of each claim from the outset, enabling the Healix team to recommend the best possible approach to treatment. This tailor-made approach also means we have been able to design a scheme that exactly fits our requirements, enabling us to offer our staff a good range of medical and health and wellbeing benefits, which sustains our goal to be an employer of choice."
"The change will deliver cost savings to Panasonic against our traditional corporate PMI scheme. However the key benefit since moving to Healix has been the huge improvement in the quality of support across all aspects of the PMI process. Our employees have commented on how impressed they have been, being able to speak to medical professionals on the helpline from the start of the process."
Testimonial Penningtons
"We were extremely impressed with the flexibility and nurse-led case management that Healix offered. We were seeking an alternative healthcare solufion that would provide real cost containment for the practice over the long term, but also have the ability to be flexible around the benefits provided to our partners and employees. Healix has met all our requirements with an immense level of flexibility whilst also delivering an effective claims service. In particular, the nurse-led claims management was a key feature for Penningtons in gaining greater efficiencies for employees seeking the most appropriate treatment plan, and giving the firm the confidence that its members receive the best treatment possible."