Healix 100 extends all the benefits of a Healthcare Trust to SMEs by being accessible to companies with as few as 100 employees. It is a completely unique product, providing all the advantages of a Healthcare Trust with 0% of the risk. Here is a snapshot of the main advantages:

100% stop loss insurance

We are the only company to provide a guarantee that the employer's outlay on claims will not exceed the value of the trust fund with 100% Stop Loss insurance. This means that all claims above the agreed claims fund are covered, eliminating any 'risk'. A defined cost is agreed at the outset of each Healix 100 scheme year, which allows for accurate budgeting. In short, you benefit from the peace of mind that budgets will not be exceeded, whilst at the same time having the cost benefits of a trust. 

100% managed by nurses

All claims are managed by nurses acting as named case managers. This ensures that claims are managed along recognised clinical pathways with claimants getting the most appropriate care at all stages of their treatment. Not only that, it also allows funds to be managed cost effectively. 

100% profit share

The claims fund is estimated at the beginning of each scheme year based upon previous years' claims and this figure provides an accurate maximum liability for your budget. If at the year end the value of claims paid is lower than estimated, you retain the balance. 

Payment collection is designed to help you control your company's spending. You provide us with 25% of the estimated claims fund at the beginning of the contract and then that float is topped up each month. 

If you are interested in the Healix 100 scheme, please contact us at healthservices@healix.com