We can act as a third-party claims administrator (TPA) for an already established healthcare trust as well as for the one we set up for you. In fact, we are the only credible independent provider of claims TPA services in the UK, as all other providers are linked to insurance groups with potentially conflicting interests.

Our dedicated team of doctors and nurses ensure that we provide a superior quality of managed care for your employees. With the highest ratio of medically qualified to administrative staff in the industry, all our front-line staff are qualified nurses who act as individual case managers, liaising with the patient and providing reassurance and advice throughout their treatment. We are pro-active and flexible in our approach and use our clinical expertise when discussing patients' symptoms and treatments.

Containing your costs

Our medical staff handle claims right through from taking the first call from an employee. They will:

  • check that treatment is covered under the trust rules
  • arrange and manage treatment
  • ensure all treatment is routine and customary
  • check and authorise bills for payment
  • provide you with regular and informative MI reports.

They will ensure appropriate medical care for your employees whilst using their skill and knowledge to interpret doctors' reports and proposed treatments on a medical basis and so manage costs on your behalf, including navigating into NHS Centres of Excellence, if considered appropriate. You will also benefit from the arrangements we have in place to contain costs through negotiated discounts with hospital networks and other providers.

Bespoke service

Our service will be tailored to meet your needs and we will always take an approach that suits you. For example, for some employers it is important to control costs whilst ensuring the medical welfare of the patient. For other employers, cost is no issue when a senior staff member is involved and top private London hospitals may be a prerequisite.

This flexible, collaborative approach is unique to the sector and ensures your claims are dealt in a way that you've specified.

We can also arrange Stop Loss insurance with Lloyds of London to minimise the risk of claims exceeding the amount set aside.

Contact healthservices@healix.com for more information.