Healix recognised as a GREAT business in UK Government campaign

Published Thursday, July 03, 2014

Healix is featured in the UK government’s GREAT British Business campaign with the latest stage of the campaign focused on encouraging companies to adopt flexible working practices.

The management team at Healix have always been keen to accommodate requests for flexible working arrangements rather than risk losing valuable employees or see employees missing out on key activities in their life.

“Flexible working means we have a very committed workforce.  We benefit from low staff turnover, people feel refreshed and are able to avoid unnecessary stress” says Paul Beven, co-founder of Healix.

Healix has built its success on innovation and its ability to be flexible to clients’ needs and a willingness to create bespoke solutions, whether that is in tailoring a travel risk management program of services for the global workforce of a large multinational, or designing a corporate healthcare scheme for an SME.

We are able to respond to our clients’ needs in such a flexible manner because of the dedication and commitment of our loyal and flexible workforce and we are able to offer our clients the benefit of a wealth of experience due to low staff turnover.

“In fact, flexibility goes to the very core of the Healix culture”, advises Paul Beven.

Visit the ‘Business is GREAT’ website to see a case study on how Healix has benefited from flexible working.

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