Bruce Eaton takes the reins at Healix Health Services

Published Friday, August 01, 2014

Leading provider of corporate healthcare trusts and medical claims TPA services appoints new Managing Director to spearhead drive for growth

Bruce EatonOver the past few years, Healix Health Services has seen rapid growth in its healthcare trust business as the appetite amongst employers for self-insured corporate healthcare schemes has increased and the value of Healix’s nurse-led approach to medical claims management has been proven.

With ambitious growth plans for the future, Healix has appointed Bruce Eaton to the position of Managing Director to further build on the company’s success to-date whilst ensuring its reputation for excellent quality service is maintained.

With over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services and related services, Bruce joined Healix Health Services in 2011 as Business Development Director. He was appointed General Manager last year before being promoted to Managing Director in June.

When asked why he joined the company, Bruce explained, “I saw Healix as an innovative company looking to change the path of healthcare in the UK. It also coincided with the birth of my daughter and living just five minutes from the office, it gave me the opportunity to be a dad from day one.  Being offered the role of Managing Director in such an innovative company is very exciting as it gives me the opportunity to help change how healthcare plans are delivered.”

Bruce explained that he sees one of his main challenges as opening distribution channels to change.  “PMI has been a fairly vanilla offering for years and needs to change for its survival.  Having our own IT and bespoke software means we can innovate in the market for that but it also means taking a lot of people on the journey.”

With an aging workforce, employers may find their current healthcare schemes become unaffordable in the future. Bruce explains that employers need to look at their future risk and mitigate for fluctuations in health costs. “Our trust mechanism can be used to turn medical health into pro-active rather than re-active cost management by assessing future risk and spreading the cost.”

When asked what motivates him at Healix, Bruce replied, “Every day is different and I am excited about the enthusiasm that I am surrounded by. My vision is to capitalise on Healix’s expertise in managing healthcare, both in the UK and internationally, to make Healix Health Services ‘the natural choice for medical claims administration’, whether that is in managing self-insured corporate healthcare schemes or as an independent TPA for PMI and iPMI companies.”

“We have strong relationships with the health community and I want to procure services more innovatively for our patients, linking all parties in the service provision together to help move PMI forward.”

 “We can also exploit our unique ability to assess medical risks presented by individuals with pre-existing conditions and extend this into innovative new product developments.”


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