Healix Risk Rating launches e-training package

Published Thursday, January 03, 2013

Innovative solution enhances insurer use of Medical Risk Rating Tool

Healix Risk Rating, which pioneered the development of our leading edge medical risk assessment tools for the travel insurance sector, has launched an innovative new training package for clients.  With a focus on convenience, the new dynamic and modular Healix Risk Rating e-Training platform can be accessed as and when appropriate for each user.

First launched in 1999, Healix's medical risk assessment tools are now the gold standard in the UK with a strong international presence, providing an integrated medical risk assessment process for streamlined sales. 

Designed in-house by the Healix Risk Rating team, the e-Training platform provides easy to understand guidance for call centre staff who need to ensure that they cover all essential information when providing cover for customers with pre-existing medical conditions.  It also addresses the issue of relatively high levels of staff turnover in call centre operations by delivering training in a series of clear, concise modules which allow personnel to train at their own pace, with minimum impact on productivity.

Flexibility to fit training around business needs

"We have provided hands-on training to our travel insurance clients for a number of years, working with call centre teams to ensure there's a complete understanding of how our Risk Rating Tool works and how it should be used with customers", explained Lara Suttie-Sims, Client Services Manager, Healix Risk Rating.  "However, our goal is to constantly enhance the delivery of our solutions in line with the changing dynamics of the travel insurance industry and we recognised that there was a need to provide training in a more flexible manner."

The new Healix Risk Rating e-Training platform features 17 interactive modules which can be completed individually or as part of a training programme. With access to nurse-led Healix support personnel for additional questions and advice, this provides the flexibility for insurers to carry out the training in the timescale and format that best suits their business.

In the development of the new e-Training platform, we also identified a number of key areas where users particularly needed support. "From our research we found that staff were identifying the same common queries, which enabled us to update the modules to make them more user friendly", explained Lara Suttie-Sims. 

In particular, new areas integrated into the e-Training platform include:

  • A glossary of Commonly Declared Conditions with a clear reference guide
  • Full definitions of terms such as 'change in medication'
  • Guidance on how to help customers who claim not to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol despite taking medication
  • Clarification over the definitions for primary, secondary and secondary primary cancers
  • A section for advanced users which provides greater insight into 8 categories of conditions in order to improve their understanding of particular diseases.

Prior to its full launch, the e-Training platform was trialled with Staysure.co.uk. Ruth Hardy Training Manager at Staysure.co.uk, who was involved with the pilot said, "We were all highly impressed with the training programme and in particular how it can be adopted across the whole of the business.

"Healix has really taken on board the feedback that we have given over the years to provide a solution which is manageable, with 17 interactive modules."

The e-Training Package is available to all Healix Risk Rating clients.

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