Healix launches V2.5 of Travel Black Box

Published Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Healix Risk Rating has issued a new release of its award winning medical risk assessment tool which allows sellers of travel insurance to accurately and efficiently underwrite pre-existing medical conditions at the point of sale.

Laptop & stethoscopeDesigned to be fully integrated into on-line sales processes, or seamlessly incorporated into call centre sales processes, the Healix Travel Black Box provides a fully automated medical risk assessment and rating service which can be completed in just a few minutes.

"We are constantly innovating with the Travel Black Box and this latest version wraps up a range of enhancements incorporated as a result of valuable feedback from our clients", explained Lara Suttie-Sims, Client Services Manager, Healix Risk Rating. "For example, Version 2.5 is now available via an APi which gives our clients the ability to custom build the screening User Interface and create their own design."

Enhancements incorporated in Version 2.5 include:

  • Multiple regions and multiple policy types can now be automatically assessed for risk within just one screening
  • One screening request can now be made to determine cover with and without Wintersports - great for upselling
  • The layout of medical questions has been streamlined for a simpler on-line journey
  • Improved guidance on related medical conditions to ensure consumers are clear on what they need to disclose - supporting insurers in their responsibilities under the Consumer Insurance (Disclosures and Representations) Act
  • Dual coding of medical conditions with ICD 10 as well as ICD 9 codes to help clients analyse scheme performance
  • A new, simpler and encrypted XML report is provided for clients
  • API Integration is now available in addition to the 'plug-in' option, giving clients the flexibility to determine how the Black Box looks in each of their sales environments.

With the Travel Black Box already adopted by the majority of travel insurance sellers in the UK, Healix is looking to expand sales outside the UK in the coming year.

"The Travel Black Box can be adapted for any country with its own region specific medical database", explained Angela Smith, Commercial Manager, Healix Risk Rating. "And language is not an issue as the Black Box includes a bespoke translation tool."

With over 12 million medical risk assessments currently conducted each year, Healix expect to significantly boost this figure in 2014.


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