From Afghanistan to Guam, international development company focuses on employee medical care in high risk locations

Published Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healix International appointed to deliver emergency medical support for Lakeshore TolTest Corporation staff working overseas

Lakeshore TolTest, one of the fastest growing construction, environmental and energy companies working for USA federal and municipal government agencies on international development projects, has enhanced the medical care provided to its network of more than 300 overseas employees.  Healix International has been appointed to provide medical care to Lakeshore TolTest employees whilst working in some of the most challenging regions around the world.

Covering high risk locations such as Afghanistan and Iraq as well as lower risk but equally demanding regions, the new agreement with Healix International gives Lakeshore TolTest crucial cost management, whilst ensuring continued delivery of quality medical care and evacuation services.

Operating in 40 locations, in 12 countries worldwide, Lakeshore TolTest provides complete general construction, environmental and energy services to both US government agencies and private companies.  Hundreds of associates are assigned to projects around the world, including project managers, construction managers, job site supervisors, estimators, health and safety managers, quality control representatives, skilled tradesmen, equipment operators, and project control and logistics specialists. Supporting their medical needs in the most efficient manner is central to Lakeshore TolTest being able to deliver its projects.  It was, therefore, vital for the company to find a medical care provider that could operate in high risk regions around the world, without incurring excessive costs.

Global reach, proven experience

Healix was chosen for its global reach and experience in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other more mainstream locations, combined with its nurse-led and transparent approach to cost management.

"Healix offers us a truly unique pricing model that is fully transparent and not dependent on the location of a medical event, which is vital for us." explained Sarah Arnold, Assistant General Counsel of Lakeshore TolTest Dubai Office. "Combined with a global network of clinics that ensure we deliver the very best care to our employees, even in the most demanding locations, this convinced us that Healix was the right partner to help us look after our employees abroad."

Nurse-led care

 "We also benefit from Healix's nurse-led care, which means a medical professional manages each case, making sure that the clinical path for treatment matches the symptoms presented", added Irena Milanova, Benefits Manager.  "Healix understands our specific needs and its medical expertise means we can be confident that staff will be evacuated to the nearest point of excellence."

Healix offers a truly 24/7 and transparent service on a global scale. From the first point of contact, the client speaks to a medically qualified professional who not only understands the conditions of the patient, but also the environment and limitations of the location. Healix also issues Guarantee of Payments and offers emergency messaging to relatives, where necessary, looking after every aspect of emergency care.

"Our experience in handling over 350,000 inbound requests for medical assistance per annum makes Healix the perfect medical provider to help global companies like Lakeshore TolTest look after the health and wellbeing of their employees" said Will Sommerville, Director of Business Development at Healix International.  "Lakeshore TolTest operates in some of the most challenging locations in the world, but our focus on nurse-led care means they can be sure we will always make the right medical decision and look after the health and security of their employees, wherever they are, worldwide."


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