Vaccination advice on tap for FREE on your iphone

Published Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Travel Vaccination App from Healix makes sure you have the right jabs for the trip!

Knowing what vaccinations are necessary for foreign trips can sometimes be difficult to find out.  But you don't need to be confused any more with the Healix Travel Vaccination app.  Downloadable for free straight onto your iPhone, you can tap into up-to-the-minute advice, wherever they are in the world and for wherever you're going. 

As one of the world's leading international medical assistance businesses, Healix looks after the wellbeing of thousands of holidaymakers and business travellers every day.  We have used our expert knowledge and resources to deliver professional health advice to travellers, right at their fingertips, with our new free iPhone app.   Whether a business traveller making many trips a year; a student planning a Gap year itinerary or just looking forward to that special holiday in an exotic location, there's no need to be confused over which jabs or inoculations are needed.  And by providing up to the minute information on the iPhone, the Healix Travel Vaccination app means travellers already on their journey can check at any time that they are properly protected for their next destination.

"When planning a trip, it can be confusing working out which vaccinations are needed", explained Russell Smith of Healix. "Added to which, if you're on an extended trip it's not always easy to be sure that you have the right vaccinations for every country you're visiting.   The Healix Travel Vaccination app is therefore designed to help travellers find out the risks and the right inoculations for their chosen destinations. From holidaymakers and Gap year students to business travellers, the Healix Travel Vaccination App means anyone with an iPhone can get the information they need, in the palm of their hand."

Once the Healix app is downloaded, the user can select more than one country at a time. This means that travellers planning to visit numerous countries can get the information they need in one go, rather than looking up each country individually. Users simply select the countries they need and answer a few yes/no questions to get a list of all the vaccinations required, as well as useful travel advice. Plus, the Healix Travel Vaccination app keeps a history of previous searches for easy reference and the results can be e-mailed anywhere.

"More and more travellers are heading off the beaten track these days, but visiting more exotic destinations can increase the risks" concluded Russell Smith.  "This means it's more important than ever that people get the right vaccinations before they go and the free Healix Travel Vaccination app offers the perfect way to deliver the travel information people need, saving them time, while ensuring they enjoy a safe trip."

The Healix Vaccination App can be downloaded from the iTunes store (search for 'healix') or by clicking this link


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