South East law firm renews healthcare trust for employees

Published Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cripps Harries Hall renews Healix Healthcare Trust as it reduces P11D rate by 20%

Cripps Harries Hall, a leading South East law firm, has renewed its contract with Healix Health Services, in a deal that will continue to reduce the firm's medical claims costs, while delivering a higher level of care for staff.

Under the new agreement Cripps Harries Hall will continue to benefit from a Healix Healthcare Trust, which has already brought significant savings on the firm's P11D rate over the first year. Cripps Harries Hall was introduced to Healix by its insurance advisers, Gallagher Employee Benefits, and this contract illustrates Healix's ability to tailor its healthcare trust to suit the requirements of Limited Liability Partnerships, bringing a real alternative to traditional PMI schemes. 

Providing a wide range of legal services, Cripps Harries Hall advises many high profile clients, including plcs, financial institutions, private companies, national and local government, as well as charities and individuals. It is able to offer a consistently high quality service by attracting high profile solicitors from leading City law firms, which makes having a strong range of benefits crucial to Cripps Harries Hall's recruitment and retention strategy.

Greater Control of Costs

The renewal of the contract with Healix builds on last year's successful move to a new healthcare solution for the law firm's employees. In particular, the Healix Healthcare Trust offered Cripps Harries Hall greater control of its health insurance costs, immediately securing a 20% reduction in its P11D rate while delivering the same level of cover as its previous scheme.

"Before our partnership with Healix, we were facing increasing private medical insurance premiums and needed a way to control future costs," explains Glynis Read, HR Operations Manager.

"Over the past year, the Healix Healthcare Trust delivered a further 10% reduction on our P11D rate, but it brings us more than just cost savings. Healix offers us the best level of service, focused on meeting our specific needs, while delivering some really important service benefits for our partners and employees."

Healthcare Trusts are a recognised alternative to traditional PMI schemes and operate in an almost identical manner. With a healthcare trust, businesses can set their own rules, providing a higher level of control on costs as well as ensuring employees are appropriately covered.

This new deal ensures Cripps Harries Hall will continue to make significant savings over the cost of corporate PMI premiums, with the partnership keeping any monies if claims are lower than anticipated. Cripps Harries Hall have been able to ensure that the scheme benefits are tailored to their requirements, as well as benefiting from bespoke administration services.

100% Nurse Case Management

Crucially, through the Healix Healthcare Trust, Cripps Harries Hall partners and staff also gain access to 100% nurse case management, ensuring all treatment is undertaken through recognised clinical pathways. The focus is primarily on employee welfare, but Healix case managers also deliver the most cost-effective solutions.

"Through our partnership with Healix we can guarantee all claims are individually case managed," Glynis Read continues. "This means we gain better control of our expenditure, as well as ensuring our partners and employees get the right treatment as quickly as possible. Plus, any claims under spend will be retained by us to offset future costs, rather than kept by the insurer as would have been the case with our previous PMI scheme."

Richard Saunders, Sales Director of Healix Health Services concludes: "Cripps Harries Hall is our first Limited Liability Partnership client and the renewal of this contract confirms the value we can bring to the legal sector. In particular the P11D savings advantages are very attractive and, combined with our unique approach to case management, means we can give Cripps Harries Hall the confidence that claims costs are kept under constant control.

"Our partnership with Cripps Harries Hall illustrates how we bring our clients the benefits of a service which is unmatched by any other UK healthcare provider."


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