Norland builds on the health of its employees

Published Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healix Healthcare Trust selected to provide nurse-led healthcare

Norland Managed Services, a leading provider of facilities maintenance and support services in the built environment, has selected a Healix Healthcare Trust to provide bespoke healthcare support for its employees.

With offices throughout the UK and Ireland and over 2000 staff, Norland needed a healthcare solution that made it easy to provide a range of employee welfare benefits whilst keeping tight control on the costs for the business.  The Healix Healthcare Trust gives Norland a high level of care for its employees and by applying the Trust across its three divisions, this provided the most cost-effective solution for the business.

"Healix offers us the right level of claims management as well as delivering better management information and feedback to allow us to effectively control the costs we incur in providing this benefit to our employees," explained Rachael Henderson, HR Director, Norland Managed Services.   "Healix provides nurses to take the initial claims calls from our staff, which means that there's a deep medical understanding of each claim from the outset, enabling the Healix team to recommend the best possible approach to treatment.  This tailor-made approach also means we have been able to design a scheme that exactly fits our requirements, enabling us to offer our staff a good range of medical and health and wellbeing benefits, which sustains our goal to be an employer of choice."

Healthcare Trusts are a recognised alternative to traditional PMI schemes and operate in an almost identical manner. However, with a healthcare trust, a business can set the rules, providing a high level of control on costs as well as ensuring employees are appropriately covered. This level of control has made them increasingly popular amongst businesses looking for alternative ways of providing healthcare benefits for their employees, such as Norland. 

The new Norland scheme gives the company a no risk approach and capped exposure.  In addition it will deliver significant savings to Norland - typically 10% - over the cost of corporate PMI premiums, with the business keeping any monies if claims are lower than anticipated, rather than an insurer taking extra profit which would normally happen with a PMI scheme. 

"Norland recognised our deep understanding and expertise within the medical and healthcare sector and the benefits this can bring, both to its staff and to the business as a whole" concluded Richard Saunders, Sales Director, Healix. "Current trading conditions put a lot of emphasis on cost control - but that has to be achieved without any compromise on the quality of employee healthcare.  Our nurse-led approach gives clients like Norland the confidence that care comes first - but that we also understand commercial pressures."



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