MNPA selects Healix for improved customer care

Published Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reducing corporate healthcare costs and enhancing claims service for employees

Award winning provider of pensions administration services, MNPA, has moved from a PMI scheme to a Healix Healthcare Trust to benefit from an improved level of care and more effective management of claims costs.

As one of the UK's foremost pension administration specialists, MNPA offers a range of administration services and is committed to delivering real customer satisfaction. MNPA has a strong reputation for service excellence.  As an employer of choice, it wanted a healthcare provider that would reflect that reputation in the support it provided to its own employees.

"We wanted to improve the level of customer care we provided to our employees for their healthcare, while improving control over our claims costs" said Elizabeth Dorey, HR Manager, MNPA.  "Our broker, Sarah Chadd, Account Manager at Lorica Consulting recommended Healix - and we found they were the perfect fit.

"The Healix Healthcare Trust provides our staff with access to case manager nurses and clinically trained staff throughout their claim, for a much improved claims service. Equally important, our partnership with Healix means there is much greater control of our claims costs which reduces the financial burden while bringing employees a higher level of care."

Healthcare Trusts are a recognised alternative to traditional PMI schemes and operate in an almost identical manner.  Except that, with a healthcare trust, a business can set the rules, providing a high degree of flexibility in ensuring employees are appropriately covered whilst controlling costs.

"MNPA moved to Healix to benefit from the medical expertise of our case manager nurses and, as a result, enhancing the level of care for employees" explained Richard Saunders, Sales Director, Healix Health Services.  "In addition, MNPA recognised our ability to manage claims more effectively, allowing it to reduce costs and raise standards. Our tailor made approach continues to be the first choice for businesses looking to focus on care for employees, whilst responding to financial pressures."


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