Healix TPA service rated 'Excellent' or 'Good' by 90% of claimants

Published Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Service excellent, caring and professional reveals new customer survey

Healix Health Services has scored highly in a new customer satisfaction survey of claimants across a number of its healthcare trust clients.  90% of claimants described the overall service from Healix as 'excellent' or 'good', demonstrating a high level of customer satisfaction with the ease and speed of claims, as well as the knowledge and understanding displayed by Healix staff.

The survey, which went to over 200 claimants across six clients, forms part of Healix's ongoing commitment to delivering a service that focuses on strong customer care.  "We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service, helping our clients' employees benefit from a fast, efficient claims process," explained Richard Saunders, Sales Director, Healix Health Services.  "Many businesses turn to us to enhance the level of employee care they provide by streamlining the claims process and providing access to our team of professional nurses who act as named case managers. The results of this survey reflect our commitment to providing excellent, market-leading, nurse-led care."

The survey revealed that 94% of claimants found the level of courtesy to be 'excellent' or 'good' and 84% said the same of the knowledge and understanding of Healix nurses. Staff were seen as taking time with claimants, with 91% of respondents saying the ease of making a claim was 'excellent' or 'good'.  92% said the same for the speed that claims were dealt with, describing it as a "fast" and "professional" service.

Some of the comments that came with the survey further reinforced the focus Healix puts on providing a personal, sympathetic and expert response to claims.  "Healix has been so much better in all respects than our previous healthcare provider and with my long history I have much to compare" said one respondent.  Another said:  "It has been very easy, which when you need assistance, has been great."

"Our ability to manage healthcare claims in a sympathetic and professional manner means we can help businesses maintain high levels of employee satisfaction, whilst managing costs", continued Richard Saunders. "We are very pleased with the results of this customer survey, which confirms why our tailor made approach continues to be the first choice for businesses looking to focus on employee care."



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