Expert healthcare services for airlines

Published Monday, March 28, 2011

Healix offers pre-flight screening, in-flight medical assistance and crew healthcare provision to airlines

Healix has developed a range of medical services specifically for the airline industry, focusing on three key areas where our in-depth knowledge and expertise can be provided around the clock for an airline's employees and customers:

1. Pre-flight screening

Healix offers a 24/7 telephone service to airline staff at airport check-ins, both in the UK and internationally, giving them direct access to a Healix doctor for fitness to fly decisions.  Healix staff are highly experienced in critical care and aviation medicine and it is this experience and knowledge that is invaluable when making fitness to fly decisions.  Through accurate screening and assessment, the likelihood of costly and unnecessary medical diversions (and the risks associated with them) can be reduced.

2. In-flight Medical Emergency Assistance

An area of extreme importance for airlines and their customers.  In the event of a medical emergency on board, Healix provide crew members with immediate access to a team of critical care doctors and nurses who are experienced in looking after patients in-flight.  Healix offer a level of remote medical support that could help reduce the number of unnecessary diversions without compromising on patient care. Should a diversion be necessary, Healix use their extensive knowledge of global hospital networks and airport facilities to make recommendations and arrangements. 

3. Crew Health

Healix is able to provide airlines' employees with a 24/7 nurse-led phone service that they can call to speak to a medical expert at any time of the day, wherever they are in the world.  If a crew member needs medical assistance, Healix will advise them of the most appropriate medical facility and accredited practitioner or arrange for a doctor to visit them at their hotel, if necessary.  For more serious cases, treatment is arranged at a suitable hospital and costs are contained through active case management, negotiated discounts and protocol pricing.  Being completely independent, Healix can direct crew members to the most appropriate medical facilities anywhere in the world, aligned with an airline's route network. 

Paul Beven, Director at Healix comments:  "Our aim is to provide airlines with a credible alternative to their existing suppliers in all three of these areas and at the same time reduce their costs. We have a wealth of expertise in aviation medicine and international medical case management and are perfectly placed to support the airlines and their staff."


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