Check you've got the right vaccinations before heading abroad

Published Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Healix urges travellers to use its iPhone vaccination app to check on their destination as HPA reports 30% increase in malaria cases amongst UK travellers

According to new figures from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) the number of malaria infections recorded among UK residents has increased by nearly 30% over the past two years.  The HPA has reported that over the past decade most infections occurred among people who visited West Africa or South Asia and the HPA is warning travellers to heed advice on how to avoid malaria, which is the world's second biggest killer. 

The Healix Travel Vaccination iPhone App helps holidaymakers to make sure they've had the right vaccines and medications for their destination and is free to download.

"Holidaymakers and other travellers are not always sure if their destination is a malaria risk, so they can be unsure what medications or vaccinations they might need" confirmed Russell Smith of Healix.  "But they don't need to be confused with the Healix Travel Vaccination App.  Downloadable for free straight onto their iPhone, they can tap into up to the minute advice for wherever they're going - and that means they can then go to their GP or health clinic to get the right medication."

Healix has used its expert knowledge and resources to deliver professional health advice to travellers, right at their fingertips.  Users simply select the country they need and answer a few yes/no questions to get a list of all the vaccinations required, as well as useful travel advice.  They can also select more than one country at a time which means travellers planning to visit numerous countries can get the information they need in one go, rather than looking up each country individually. Plus, the Healix Travel Vaccination App keeps a history of previous searches for easy reference and the results can be e-mailed anywhere.

"More and more travellers are heading off the beaten track these days, but visiting more exotic destinations can increase the risks" concluded Russell Smith.  "This means it's more important than ever that people get the right vaccinations before they go and the free Healix Travel Vaccination App offers the perfect way to deliver the travel information people need, saving them time, while ensuring they enjoy a safe trip.  Our vaccination app gives holidaymakers quick answers which will then prompt them to get in touch with their GP or clinic to get the right vaccines or medication."

The Healix Travel Vaccination App can also be provided as a widget for companies with travel related products and services to use in viral marketing as well as on their websites.

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