Outstanding employee satisfaction ratings for healthcare trust

Published Thursday, May 27, 2010

Healix Healthcare Trust gets the thumbs up from Panasonic Employees

Healix has confirmed its expertise in delivering high quality healthcare services for workers with the results of a satisfaction survey completed by staff at major electronics firm, Panasonic.   With an over 90% excellent or good rating for the overall level of service received by Panasonic employees who required healthcare assistance, this demonstrates the value of the nurse-led approach taken by Healix.

Panasonic chose to move away from its traditional corporate PMI scheme in January 2009 in order to take advantage of the benefits offered by a healthcare trust.  One year on, the Healix scheme, covering almost 1,300 lives across six different sites in the UK, is proving immensely beneficial both to Panasonic employees and the business as a whole.

"When we chose to move away from our traditional corporate PMI scheme we were very hopeful that we would see savings for the business" confirmed Richard Mills, Head of UK HR, Panasonic.  "But it was absolutely crucial that any savings would not be to the detriment of the care delivered to our staff.  And this survey demonstrates that we didn't need to worry.  The Healix focus on medical care means employees have rated the Healthcare Trust service extremely highly - and that can only be good for employee wellbeing and satisfaction."

The survey of Panasonic employees who required assistance from the Healix Healthcare Trust in the last 12 months showed 70% rated the ease with which they were able to make a claim as excellent and a further 27.1% rating it good, with particular focus on the helpfulness of staff taking the calls.  Speed of response to claims was also rated highly by Panasonic staff with 60.9% rating it as excellent and 31.9% as good. 

As importantly, the level of knowledge and understanding displayed by the Healix nurses - who are at the frontline for incoming calls for all its Healthcare Trusts - was rated as excellent or good by 87% of respondents.  And 65.2% said the Healix nurses were excellent at taking the time to listen to their needs.

On-going communications is another crucial factor in delivering a good healthcare service to workers and in this respect, Healix was also rated highly in the Panasonic employee survey.  40.6% said Healix did an excellent job in keeping them informed about the progress of their claim, with 37.7% saying they did a good job.  And 42% said Healix was excellent at explaining any decisions made in relation to claims; 36.2% said it was good.

The advantages of a Healix Healthcare Trust include significant savings - typically 10% - over the cost of corporate PMI premiums, with the business keeping any monies if claims are lower than anticipated, rather than an insurer taking extra profit.  The flexibility of a Healthcare Trust, allowing the employer to set the rules and decide when they want the fund to pay out, is also a key benefit for corporates, with bespoke administration services tailored to suit the organisation. 

But as Steve Hook, Sales & Marketing Director of Healix confirmed, the superior 'managed care' and claims administration provided by the company's dedicated team of nurses, is crucial for employers. 

"Our significant history in the medical and healthcare sector means we have a genuine understanding of the healthcare needs of individuals and have geared our business accordingly.  We are therefore able to give organisations that choose to take the healthcare trust route rather than PMI a very specialised and expert service, whilst keeping a very tight control on costs.   

"The results of the survey of Panasonic employees who have experienced our Healthcare service in the last twelve months illustrate our focus on employee care very well.  We are delighted at this fantastic feedback.   Our goal is to consistently provide the most efficient and helpful service to our clients' employees.  So having positive feedback such as this from the scheme members is of course a great confirmation and validation of the work we do, and we are now working to further strengthen our partnership with Panasonic in the area of MI and reporting for the company as well."


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