Major automotive business puts staff welfare in the hands of healthcare trust

Published Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Inchcape selects Healix Healthcare Trust for employee healthcare

Leading international automotive distributor and retailer, Inchcape, has selected Healix to provide a Healthcare Trust for more than 1000 employees, pensioners and their dependants across the UK.  Six months into the contract, Inchcape has found this new approach to its employee welfare is providing the considerable benefits it expected, both in terms of member satisfaction, and cost control.

Prior to moving to Healix, Inchcape had operated a trust for more than five years.  But concerns about the cost of administration of the scheme, claims handling and maximising value on claims costs through purchasing power prompted a review of this approach.  Following a formal tender process, Healix won the new contract and took on board the administration of Inchcape's Healthcare Trust, including a scheme for retirees. Since the implementation of the initial scheme at the end of 2009 a further five smaller schemes have been amalgamated into the Trust.

Peter Gardner, Head of Colleagues Support Services at Inchcape explained:  "Central to the selection of Healix is their nurse-led case management. Members of the scheme needing treatment get to speak to a medical professional and not just an administrator. This unique arrangement gives our healthcare trust members the opportunity to speak to someone who understands the language or jargon being used which helps ensure they receive the most appropriate treatment for their needs. Combined with Healix's expertise in cost containment through their negotiated discounts with providers, this made them the obvious choice.

"Healix created a tailored healthcare scheme to suit our needs - bringing together five smaller schemes, as well as looking after retirees" continued Peter.  "An 'off the shelf' solution was never going to be right for us. The flexibility and medical expertise that is absolutely integral to the Healix operation has proved to be exactly right for our business.

"Six months into our contract, our costs are down but, as importantly, Healix has delivered excellent results in terms of claims management.  This means our healthcare trust members feel cared for in the best possible way.  In particular, Healix's expertise in navigating appropriate cases through NHS centres of excellence has proved really valuable in getting members treated as quickly as possible, utilising the absolute best expertise available which everyone recognises is at the heart of the NHS. 

"Of course, the other benefit of using the NHS where appropriate is that Healix has been able to keep close control on costs and members of the scheme have been able to share in savings made by receiving a cash payment if they choose NHS over private treatment.

'We now have a much higher level of control and flexibility with the Healix Healthcare Trust" concluded Peter Gardner.  "Healix has been excellent in helping us to not only ensure we receive the best value, but they have also put together a scheme that works for us as a business". 

Steve Hook, Sales and Marketing Director, Healix believes it is the company's understanding of the business drivers for employee healthcare that enable it to create the right solution for organisations like Inchcape.   "It's through experience and understanding an individual business's needs that we are able to offer a tailored and bespoke healthcare service to our clients.

"The high level of service we provide is shaped by our staff's expertise and knowledge in the healthcare sector, and that is regularly reflected in the feedback we receive from our clients.  We are delighted that Inchcape is pleased with how the new Healix Healthcare Trust has been implemented in its business.  We have no doubt that we will continue to provide the company and its people with the high levels of service they have already experienced."


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