Healix helps National Friendly streamline healthcare claims

Published Thursday, December 02, 2010

Leading healthcare expert enhances the customer experience and delivers value to members

Healix has been working with one of the UK's longest standing mutual organisations to deliver important customer service and member benefits.  National Friendly, previously known as National Deposit Friendly Society, has been established for more than 140 years providing a range of health and financial security benefits to its members. 

Since 2006 National Friendly has offered innovative, award winning alternative solutions in the Private Medical Insurance market including its Healthcare Deposit Account. Key to its success has been it's partnership with Healix. This began in 2007 and combines National Friendly's long heritage in caring for its membership with Healix's medical expertise and knowledge of the healthcare sector. 

The partnership has proved a success for both organisations. For National Friendly it has both enhanced the claims experience for its members whilst providing a service that is scalable and cost effective. For Healix the success of National Friendly's healthcare products means that it is now their largest client.

National Friendly's healthcare policies are sold direct and via intermediaries to private individuals and the SME sector. They provide a range of medical cover for adults and children for a fixed monthly cost.  Key benefits of the scheme include the freedom for the policyholder to choose any UK hospital or clinic for their treatment - whether private or NHS and cash payments if they choose the NHS for overnight or day care treatment.

This focus on choice for the policyholder therefore requires a detailed understanding of medical service providers as well as the options through the NHS that will equally serve the patient well.  It is an area in which Healix has developed extensive expertise through its Healthcare Trust and medical assistance services over the last decade.  Healix was, therefore, the ideal partner for National Friendly when it was looking to outsource its medical claims management.

As Alun Thomas, Head of Operations at National Friendly, explained, "Key to the selection of Healix is its nurse-led case management. National Friendly members needing treatment get to speak to a medical professional giving them the opportunity to speak to someone who understands their medical issues and how best to navigate private and NHS pathways.  This, combined with Healix's expertise in cost containment through its negotiated discounts with providers, made them the obvious choice for managing the claims for our members. We are also impressed with their approach to service which is very much aligned to our own and their culture and ethos which we believe is a direct reflection of the fact that they were set up and are still owned by medical people."

"Our partnership with Healix means that our members receive an excellent and expert service at a time when they most need it.  It also means we manage claims cost effectively through active case management and access to discounted treatment rates."

"In particular, Healix's expertise in navigating appropriate cases through NHS centres of excellence has proved really valuable in getting members the best treatment as quickly as possible.  Where members have chosen NHS over private treatment they have been able to share in the saving we have made with cash payments. It's a win-win situation."

Steve Hook, Sales and Marketing Director, Healix believes it is the company's in-depth understanding of the healthcare claims process that has been particularly beneficial to the National Friendly.  "We have created a tailored and bespoke healthcare service for the National Friendly which offers a high level of service, reflecting the brand values of the mutual, whilst also achieving important cost savings.

"We are delighted that National Friendly is pleased with how we are working together and look forward to continuing to deliver the benefits that it can pass onto its members."


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