Did Cheryl Cole have the right vaccinations?

Published Monday, July 05, 2010

Healix advises holidaymakers to make sure they’re protected - get instant vaccination advice with the Healix Travel Vaccination iPhone App

As reports emerge that Cheryl Cole contracted malaria whilst on holiday in Tanzania, Healix is warning holidaymakers of the importance of making sure they have the right vaccinations before heading abroad.  The Healix Travel Vaccination iPhone app makes it easy to check.

For just 59p, travellers can download the application and, in minutes, be given the latest up to the minute vaccination advice for wherever they're heading. Families heading abroad this summer can simply get on their iPhone, select a country, and instantly find out which vaccinations they need to protect themselves and their children before they go away.

'With just a few weeks to go until the schools break for the summer, many families are just making their final plans for their trip abroad", said Russell Smith of Healix.  "But one thing that can be easily forgotten is any vaccinations that might be needed for their destination.

"The Healix Travel Vaccination app is wonderfully convenient for regular travellers,  holidaymakers or people on extended breaks visiting a number of countries, as it gives them an easy, accurate and simple way to find out whether they are protected for their next destination - as and when they like."

To use the app, travellers simply choose the countries they're visiting and answer a couple of simple questions.  Healix immediately provides a list of all the vaccinations they will need for that destination as well as further travel advice. And more than one country can be selected, saving travellers time when searching.

The Healix Vaccination App can be downloaded from the iTunes store (search for 'healix') or by clicking this link


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