Chime Communications chooses Healix Healthcare Trust

Published Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tailor made employee benefits and enhanced control give PR group advantages over PMI

Chime Communications, the public relations, advertising and brand management group, has signed up to Healix 100 from leading healthcare and medical assistance specialist, Healix Group. Under the new agreement Chime has replaced its PMI with a Healix Healthcare Trust, to deliver a better quality of service, combined with greater cost control and a bespoke range of employee benefits.

As the holding company for the UK's leading public relations group, Bell Pottinger, as well as advertising and marketing, sports marketing and research services around the world, Chime Communications needed a healthcare solution that could meet the needs of its 1100 staff.

Healthcare Trusts are a recognised alternative to traditional PMI schemes and operate in an almost identical manner.  Except that, with a healthcare trust, a business can set the rules, providing a high level of control on costs as well as ensuring employees are appropriately covered. 

The advantages of a Healix Healthcare Trust include significant savings - typically 10% - over the cost of corporate PMI premiums, with the business keeping any monies if claims are lower than anticipated.  The employer can also decide when they want the fund to pay out as well as benefiting from bespoke administration services tailored to the organisation.

Steve Hook, Sales & Marketing Director of Healix, concludes, "With a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the medical and healthcare sector, Healix is in the perfect position to deliver a specialised service that caters to the needs of an organisation's employees.

"A Healix Healthcare Trust offers organisations a real alternative to traditional PMI schemes, providing tight controls on costs without compromising on the quality of healthcare. Our nurse led claims service was a key benefit for Chime Communications, combined with the opportunity to control the benefits they provide their staff."


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