UK swine flu victims overseas cannot be repatriated home until they have recovered

Published Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Leading medical assistance specialist, Dr Finn Morgan MB BS, BSc, FRCS, Chief Medical Officer, Healix International provides comment on the challenges

Whilst it is now being reported that the swine flu virus may be milder than initially anticipated, new cases are still being identified around the globe presenting a continuing risk for UK travellers.  Whilst, to date, the cases affecting UK residents have been diagnosed after they have returned from their travels, leading international medical assistance provider, Healix International, is warning that there is a chance that new cases affecting Brits could be identified whilst they are still abroad

"The big issue is what will happen to British expatriates or travellers if they are diagnosed with swine flu while they are overseas" confirmed Dr Finn Morgan MB BS, BSc, FRCS, Chief Medical Officer, Healix International. "Anyone falling ill with swine flu will have to have medical treatment in the country where they are diagnosed; repatriation back to the UK will not be possible because scheduled airlines and even air ambulances will not permit people with this illness on board. 

"It is crucial therefore that employers and insurers have the right processes and procedures in place to manage this situation, particularly where employees or travellers are in regions of the world where medical care may not be of a good standard.  It is essential that those responsible for the welfare of employees overseas have access to a source of specialised medical advice."


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