Healix Risk Screening adopted for Danish Government's Yellow Card scheme

Published Thursday, January 01, 2009

Healix's medical risk screening tools have been adopted by SOS International who manage the Danish government's Yellow Card scheme, providing medical expenses cover for members taken ill whilst abroad within the EU.

The card is available free of charge to all nationals who qualify, with medical expenses funded by the Danish Government. 


All applicants have to be screened for pre-existing medical conditions before they can be accepted and cover is granted accordingly.  With the introduction of Healix’s medical risk assessment tools, SOS International has been able to replace manual screening of applications by a team of nurses with a fully automated process, leading to significant time and cost savings. The Healix translation facility has also led to a fully translated database for travel screening in Danish.


Healix’s medical risk assessment tools are also being utilized by SOS International to automate the underwriting process for pre-existing medical conditions on their clients’ travel insurance products.

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