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Published Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Information portal from Healix provides business travel managers with powerful resource

There probably hasn't been a more challenging time to be managing the travel activities of business people, with international incidents and disputes creating potential safety threats, a number of disease alerts across the globe creating health risks and the implications of the new Corporate Manslaughter Act placing even greater duty of care responsibilities on employers.  Responding to this challenge, international medical services expert, Healix International, has launched its Travel Oracle website, an easy to use web-based service which provides real-time advice and tips on a wide range of travel related topics.

"Companies need to prepare their staff before they go abroad and through our innovative new Travel Oracle service, they can lead by example" confirmed Steve Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, Healix. 

"The Travel Oracle enables HR and Business Travel Managers to check the security and health status of any country an employee may be visiting as well as allow them to check which inoculations they need before travelling using their "Vaccinations Manager" and alert them to any special visa requirements. All accessible from the website, which is updated in real-time from a wealth of accredited information resources, this helps employers to meet their duty of care obligations and protect the reputation and commercial risk of their organisation."

Travel Oracle provides up to the minute alerts on changes in countries around the world, from disease outbreaks to terrorist attacks and natural disasters, giving businesses the power to cancel trips at the last minute if situations become unsafe. And the 'Recent Alert' section provides a useful tool for HR and Business Travel Managers to access information while staff are away, providing unbiased information as situations unfold.

The site uniquely allows employees to upload and save important personal information onto their personal profile page, providing essential information at the click of a button to both the employee whilst abroad and to work colleagues back home in the event of an emergency. This is particularly important if an employee becomes ill while abroad, providing quick access to medical data in order that the right treatment can be administered without delay.

In addition, the site offers a quick reference 'Before You Go Away' section, giving travellers a checklist of things they must remember before departure, such as routine medical checks, taking extra prescriptions and even a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses.

"It is crucial for HR and Business Travel Managers to have access to the live intelligence data on a range of travel & medical risks that face employees when travelling abroad" concluded Steve Hook. "The information on Travel Oracle has, therefore, been compiled to make planning business trips stress free, with the essential information compiled into easy to navigate sections. And as well as providing tips on security and health matters, Travel Oracle also provides advice on cultural differences travellers may come across, helping them to avoid any misunderstandings and enjoy a more relaxed and hassle-free trip."

Key data featured on the Travel Oracle includes:

  • Country Facts - geography, history, people, travel, where to go, embassies and visas, finance, cities and regions and much more
  • Alerts - general and medical risk alerts, updated daily
  • Health - general health information, recent disease outbreaks, hospital database
  • Country Risk - background and assessment
  • Risk Rating Watch - low, moderate, high and extreme risk ratings for risk to personnel and risk of needing to evacuate
  • Travel tips - from trip planning to hostage/hijack survival
  • Immunisation Manager - if planning to travel across several countries, it will work out what vaccinations needed
  • Emergency documents - facility to scan and store documents such as passports, visas, prescriptions, medical reports, x-rays etc. so that copies can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Personal medical records - facility to complete individual medical records, so that information can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Meeting Planner tool to help plan teleconference calls across several time zones. (Simply type in all locations and it highlights appropriate daytime windows, showing time in each location, avoiding calls in the middle of the night for some)
  • Weather and local time for each country
  • Currency converter and other useful converters

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