Healix Team Completes London Marathon

Published Saturday, April 21, 2007

Marathon effort pays off...

A very big thank you to all of our very generous sponsors who helped us to reach our fundraising target. The last few pennies are being counted but the current total looks set to reach £5000 for Whizz-Kidz charity.

Sunday the 22nd April was a memorable occasion for the Healix Marathon Team who survived the heat to finish in amazing times despite the hot conditions.

John Pugh (IT Director) 4:06, Russell Smith (Healix IT) 4:27 & Peter Mason (Director) 4:47 completed the course. A late injury prevented Jane Kennet (Healix IT) from completing this year (deferred to next year).

A great day was had by all despite the pain and there is already talk of a return to the start line next year. So if you want to avoid having to sponsor us again get your running shoes out and join the team, its your only excuse....


Healix marathon team

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