Healix Health Services moves to secure messaging

Published Thursday, September 06, 2007

Healix Health Services goes paperless with e-billing and secure messaging

Healix Health Services have teamed up with Healthcode® (www.healthcode.co.uk) , the UK's largest medical bills clearing house and signed up to use their VEDA ebiller application and electronic secure messaging service.

Secure Messaging will allow the secure and confidential transfer of information between Healix Health Services and the majority of providers we work with across the UK. The service can be utilized for any of the following:

  • Pre-authorisation of treatment
  • Submitting medical reports and updates on patient progress, including discharge planning information
  • Confirming benefits available
  • Billing enquiries
  • Transmission of any other confidential medical information

Because secure messaging is delivered through Healthcode's web platform using encryption technology, Healix clients can be assured that all confidential medical information relating to member claims is being transmitted safely and securely whilst also saving time and money. This service provides proof of delivery directly to the intended recipient and avoids the need for using fax machines where confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Secure Messaging will also allow the Medical Case Managers to better manage their workload.

By the end of 2007, Healix Health Services will be utilising Healthcode's VEDALite ebiller to receive invoices from providers and will expect to receive at least 80% of provider invoices electronically, saving both time and money.

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